The Story

Inger & Kenneth Luciani  have set out to create the finest within extra virgin olive oil, unparalleled in taste and health properties.

i&K have with their Danish and Italian roots created a unique product by combining Italian premium olive oil traditions and Nordic design heritage. Thereby also making it the perfect gift.

i&K Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a superblend of classic Tuscan olives, carefully selected and harvested early for quality from three highly recognized farms, added with the unique cultivar of Leccio del Corno. The olives are handpicked and coldpressed within five hours from harvesting, ensuring optimal taste and health properties. The i&K Premium definition guarantees a concentration of natural polyphenols (antioxidants) above 700 as well as surpassing all other extra virgin olive oil quality criteria.

This superblend is created by i&K together with Italian Masterblender Matteo Mugelli in Tuscany.


The i&K superblend consists of the distinct olive cultivars of Tuscany: Frantoio, Moraiolo and the cult cultivar Leccio del Corno giving an olive oil with a golden green colour. A combination of olives reaching a taste and fragrance of fruity artichokes and fresh green olives with a fine balance of peppery notes and herbs. Rich and harmonious in taste, making it the perfect choice to fine bread, vegetables, soups, fish and grilled meat.

The above classical olives from the heartland of Tuscany are all grown and harvested under optimal conditions and care in olive groves in a landscape of immense beauty.

From hand to pressed at farm is less than five hours here at Torre Bianca.

Torre Bianca is located so close to the fields that the olives can be pressed within five hours of harvesting.

Inger & Kenneth Luciani are not just interested in creating another great olive oil. They have set out to create the finest. An olive oil so exclusive in taste, health properties and the whole product experience that it also serves as the perfect gift.

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